Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hip/rib belly roll combo!

Grab your hip scarf and lets play with a fun pelvic and rib lift combo tied together with a belly roll!

Start by warming up with:
pelvic drops and lifts
30 rib drops and lifts
pelvic pops, up and down
30 rib pops, up and down
30 belly rolls top to bottom
30 belly rolls bottom to top

putting the combo together
pelvic lift, belly roll bottom to top, rib lift, rib drop, belly roll top to bottom, pelvic drop.

Repeat as much as you like! Also try different variations with it! Pop all of the
pelvic/rib moves, or make all of the pelvic/rib movements soft and gentle. Play around with the speed and timing also!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia kaplan

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