Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hand Movements

I was inspired by this video to play with hand movements today! I started by putting on a two finger ring, and some tribal belly dance cuffs! I thought that the extra weight of these belly dance accessories would help me 'feel' what muscles are being used.

30 wrist rolls
30 wrist rolls (the other way)
30 hand weaves (wrist to finger tips)
30 hand weaves (finger tips to wrist)

I also held my hands in front of me with finger pointing up, do hand weaves with your hands crossing and uncrossing, alternating what hand is in front. You can do this with your hands moving or staying in the same place.

Put on some music that'll inspire your hands to move! Play around with different levels, tempos, and shapes that you can make with your hand/arm movements!

Happy Dancing!
Olivia Kaplan

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