Friday, April 30, 2010

Belly Dance Squats!

OK who is ready to feel the burn today! I sure am! We all know how beautiful it is to be able to effortlessly layer a maya or hip circle (or anything) with a controlled squat/drop to the floor. With this exercise it is important to listen to your body and not push past it's limits. With time and practice you'll be able to squat lower/longer and comfortably layer with other movements!

Trow on your favorite belly dance belt and lets get started! With all of the drills below, only repeat how many times is comfortable for you!

10 slow squats, come to a full stop at the bottom. (if you need a little help balancing, touch your finger tips to a wall)
10 squats with internal hip circles
10 squats with down hips
10 squats with maya
10 squats with shoulder shimmy
10 squats with chest slide

Can you do a one legged squat? Imagine the possibilities!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hand Movements

I was inspired by this video to play with hand movements today! I started by putting on a two finger ring, and some tribal belly dance cuffs! I thought that the extra weight of these belly dance accessories would help me 'feel' what muscles are being used.

30 wrist rolls
30 wrist rolls (the other way)
30 hand weaves (wrist to finger tips)
30 hand weaves (finger tips to wrist)

I also held my hands in front of me with finger pointing up, do hand weaves with your hands crossing and uncrossing, alternating what hand is in front. You can do this with your hands moving or staying in the same place.

Put on some music that'll inspire your hands to move! Play around with different levels, tempos, and shapes that you can make with your hand/arm movements!

Happy Dancing!
Olivia Kaplan

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hip/rib belly roll combo!

Grab your hip scarf and lets play with a fun pelvic and rib lift combo tied together with a belly roll!

Start by warming up with:
pelvic drops and lifts
30 rib drops and lifts
pelvic pops, up and down
30 rib pops, up and down
30 belly rolls top to bottom
30 belly rolls bottom to top

putting the combo together
pelvic lift, belly roll bottom to top, rib lift, rib drop, belly roll top to bottom, pelvic drop.

Repeat as much as you like! Also try different variations with it! Pop all of the
pelvic/rib moves, or make all of the pelvic/rib movements soft and gentle. Play around with the speed and timing also!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia kaplan

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adding a belly dance headpiece to any belly dance costume can accent head movement while creating a very unique and interesting costume addition. Traditionally Afghan women wear Kuchi jewelry with time-honored Afghan clothes, exclusively while attending special occasions, celebrations, and performances. There are many different kinds of headset besides the traditional Kuchi headdress. Native American, Indian, and Asian cultures all have very different styles and meaning behind their head adornments.

When it comes to belly dance there are countless possibility for headsets! Its easy and fun to make your own headdress that fits your unique belly dance style. Or you can find the perfect tribal headpiece online or at a belly dance festival. When getting a new headpiece it is important to try it on and dance in it. You don't want it to go flying off unexpected.

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Its been a long time between this blog and my last one! Thing have been very busy! But today I had some extra time to sit down and wright down a drill for today!

Most of my bellydance costumes are all packed up, but I did leave out a belly dance hip scarf that I just found in the van! It inspired me to drill slides, and twists!

30 hip slides
30 hip twists (alternating for right to left)

I also came up with a new combo!
Slide to the right, left hip twist, slide to the left, right hip twist. I drilled that 30 times each side. You can do this walking, and staying in place! :)

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan