Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Maya

Hi everyone!

I'm going to do my best to post a new bellydance drill everyday! Here is the first one, let me know if you like it. Also, please tell me what bellydance moves you would like drills for, I love making up new drills!

Today I drilled the maya, before starting the drill I put on a hip scarf, to help 'see' the maya...

I started by breaking the maya down into two parts, the right hip, and the left hip. I drilled one side by slowly doing half the maya (i.e. right hip up, out the the side, down, back to neutral)

Drill 1:
Right hip 10 half mayas, Left hip 10 half mayas
Right hip 9 half mayas, Left hip 9 half mayas
Right hip 8 half mayas, Left hip 8 half mayas
Right hip 7 half mayas, Left hip 7 half mayas
Right hip 6 half mayas, Left hip 6 half mayas
Right hip 5 half mayas, Left hip 5 half mayas
Right hip 4 half mayas, Left hip 4 half mayas
Right hip 3 half mayas, Left hip 3 half mayas
Right hip 2 half mayas, Left hip 2 half mayas
Right hip 1 half mayas, Left hip 1 half mayas

Then I drilled the full maya flat footed and on the toes, very similar to how I drilled the half maya

Drill 2:
10 mayas flat, 10 on toes
9 mayas flat, 9 on toes
8 mayas flat, 8 on toes
7 mayas flat, 7 on toes
6 mayas flat, 6 on toes
5 mayas flat, 5 on toes
4 mayas flat, 4 on toes
3 mayas flat, 3 on toes
2 mayas flat, 2 on toes
1 mayas flat, 1 on toes

And that is the quick drill for mayas that I did today! Hope you like it!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

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