Friday, January 22, 2010

hip bumps and stops!

Hi everyone!

Today I drilled hip bumps and stops! I made sure to have a good coin belt for this one! It really helps me to 'see' the move with something on my hips to accent all of my movements (or see when I'm moving, but would like to be still!)

10 bumps right, 10 bumps left
9 bumps right, 9 bumps left
8 bumps right, 8 bumps left
7 bumps right, 7 bumps left
6 bumps right, 6 bumps left
5 bumps right, 5 bumps left
4 bumps right, 4 bumps left
3 bumps right, 3 bumps left
2 bumps right, 2 bumps left
1 bumps right, 1 bumps left

alternate right, left hip bump 30 times

Now bump your hip only half way, stop then with out moving it back to neutral, bump it again. Repeat on the other side.

Do the above 30 times each hip.

Now try 3 bumps! Then see how many stops you can do, make sure that all of your stops are the same size (i.e. not one big one, then you have to try a squeeze out two little small ones!) It'll be better to do less stops, and have them the same size then to be able to to lots of stops, but all different sizes!

Also try does these drills flat footed and on your toes!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

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