Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Step up/down with a maya

Today I put on a nice fringe skirt and walked up and down stairs!

For every step do half a maya, so if you step up with your right foot, do a half maya with the right hip, same with the left. Also go down the stairs doing the maya!

This really help with a traveling maya! Hope you enjoyed the stair walking maya!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Head slides and circles!

I started by putting on a tribal headpieces, not only is it helpful to wear a bellydance head piece when working on head moves. It also gives you practice putting the headpiece on, and making sure it's not going to fly off!

15 head slides (right/left)
15 head slides (front/back)
15 head circles cw
15 head circles ccw

Now try doing a head slides, but look the opposite direction (if your head is to the right, look to the left)
These add lots of personalty to head slides!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

Monday, January 25, 2010

Belly rolls!

I had fun drilling belly rolls today!...

contract upper abs, release, 30 times
contract lower, release abs 30 times
alternate contracting upper and lower abs, (i.e. contract upper abs, release, contract lower abs...)
Now smooth it out into a bellyroll! Bellyroll 30 times

Make sure to roll your belly from top to bottom, and bottom to top! (and maybe side-to-side?!)

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

Sunday, January 24, 2010

good ol' undulations

I drilled the good ol' undulations today. I like to wear something that shows my belly, any coin bra or bellydance top works!

Upper body undulation 30 times, lower body undulation 30 times
Upper body undulation 25 times, lower body undulation 25 times
Upper body undulation 20 times, lower body undulation 20 times
Upper body undulation 15 times, lower body undulation 15 times
Upper body undulation 10 times, lower body undulation 10 times
Upper body undulation 9 times, lower body undulation 9 times
Upper body undulation 8 times, lower body undulation 8 times
Upper body undulation 7 times, lower body undulation 7 times
Upper body undulation 6 times, lower body undulation 6 times
Upper body undulation 5 times, lower body undulation 5 times
Upper body undulation 4 times, lower body undulation 4 times
Upper body undulation 3 times, lower body undulation 3 times
Upper body undulation 2 times, lower body undulation 2 times
Upper body undulation 1 times, lower body undulation 1 times

Full body undulation 30 times in place, 30 times walking, and 30 times level changing

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

Saturday, January 23, 2010

hip and shoulder shimmy (with a little layering!)

OK, so today I drilled hip and shoulder shimmies! I started by putting on a hip belt and coin bra, and then.....

I warmed up by doing a hip shimmy for 1 minute, and a shoulder shimmy for 1 minute....

and let the drilling begin!....

Hip shimmy 15 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 15 counts
Hip shimmy 14 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 14 counts
Hip shimmy 13 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 13 counts
Hip shimmy 12 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 12 counts
Hip shimmy 11 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 11 counts
Hip shimmy 10 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 10 counts
Hip shimmy 9 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 9 counts
Hip shimmy 8 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 8 counts
Hip shimmy 7 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 7 counts
Hip shimmy 6 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 6 counts
Hip shimmy 5 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 5 counts
Hip shimmy 4 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 4 counts
Hip shimmy 3 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 3 counts
Hip shimmy 2 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 2 counts
Hip shimmy 1 counts, stop, shoulder shimmy 1 counts

Try them together! Go slow at first, and slowly pick up speed!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

Friday, January 22, 2010

hip bumps and stops!

Hi everyone!

Today I drilled hip bumps and stops! I made sure to have a good coin belt for this one! It really helps me to 'see' the move with something on my hips to accent all of my movements (or see when I'm moving, but would like to be still!)

10 bumps right, 10 bumps left
9 bumps right, 9 bumps left
8 bumps right, 8 bumps left
7 bumps right, 7 bumps left
6 bumps right, 6 bumps left
5 bumps right, 5 bumps left
4 bumps right, 4 bumps left
3 bumps right, 3 bumps left
2 bumps right, 2 bumps left
1 bumps right, 1 bumps left

alternate right, left hip bump 30 times

Now bump your hip only half way, stop then with out moving it back to neutral, bump it again. Repeat on the other side.

Do the above 30 times each hip.

Now try 3 bumps! Then see how many stops you can do, make sure that all of your stops are the same size (i.e. not one big one, then you have to try a squeeze out two little small ones!) It'll be better to do less stops, and have them the same size then to be able to to lots of stops, but all different sizes!

Also try does these drills flat footed and on your toes!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

Thursday, January 21, 2010

After a very long day yesterday it sure felt good to have the day off today! Today I drilled snake arms! I like to wear cuffs or some other kind of belly dance bracelet. They add a little extra weight, and it's also nice to wear something simular to what you preform in, that way there are no unexpected surprises! I find that some bellydance cuffs limit my range of motions in my wrist, so I practice with them on, to find ways around the limited range of motion.

Here is the drill for snake arms that I did today, enjoy!

25 small snake arms to the side (right and left, one arm at a time)
25 small snake arms to the front (right and left, one arm at a time)
25 big snake arms to the side (right and left, one arm at a time)
25 big snake arms to the front (right and left, one arm at a time)

25 small snake arms to the side (right and left alternating/split time)
25 small snake arms to the front (right and left, alternating/split time)
25 big snake arms to the side (right and left, alternating/split time)
25 big snake arms to the front (right and left, alternating/split time)

25 small snake arms to the side (same time)
25 small snake arms to the front (same time)
25 big snake arms to the side (same time)
25 big snake arms to the front (same time)

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan
Under the Sun Belly Dance Bazaar!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chest drops with rib circle (at work!)

WOW, I had a really long day at work! I had to be there at 7am and did not get off till 9:00pm! So I did not have much time to dance today. But I was able to find some time to drill chest drops with rib circles (when no one was looking). I really like to ware a coin bra when doing chest drills, but I think if I did that today my co-workers would think that I'm weird then they already think!

Anyway here is the quick drill that I did at work! Enjoy...
30 chest drops
30 rib circles ccw
30 rib circles cc

Rib circle ccw stop in front chest drop, rib circle cc stop in front chest drop. Repeat 25 times both ways
Rib circle ccw stop in right chest drop, rib circle cc stop in right chest drop. Repeat 25 times both ways
Rib circle ccw stop in back chest drop, rib circle cc stop in back chest drop. Repeat 25 times both ways
Rib circle ccw stop in left chest drop, rib circle cc stop in left chest drop. Repeat 25 times both ways

Now break the circle down into 4 parts (front, right, left, and back) push ribs 'front' stop, rib drop, 'left' stop, rib drop, 'back' stop, rib drop, 'right', stop, rib drop. Repeat 25 times both ways

30 smooth circles doing drops the whole time, cc and ccw.

Hope you all enjoy, and don't hesitate to dance at work, it makes the day 100x better!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Maya

Hi everyone!

I'm going to do my best to post a new bellydance drill everyday! Here is the first one, let me know if you like it. Also, please tell me what bellydance moves you would like drills for, I love making up new drills!

Today I drilled the maya, before starting the drill I put on a hip scarf, to help 'see' the maya...

I started by breaking the maya down into two parts, the right hip, and the left hip. I drilled one side by slowly doing half the maya (i.e. right hip up, out the the side, down, back to neutral)

Drill 1:
Right hip 10 half mayas, Left hip 10 half mayas
Right hip 9 half mayas, Left hip 9 half mayas
Right hip 8 half mayas, Left hip 8 half mayas
Right hip 7 half mayas, Left hip 7 half mayas
Right hip 6 half mayas, Left hip 6 half mayas
Right hip 5 half mayas, Left hip 5 half mayas
Right hip 4 half mayas, Left hip 4 half mayas
Right hip 3 half mayas, Left hip 3 half mayas
Right hip 2 half mayas, Left hip 2 half mayas
Right hip 1 half mayas, Left hip 1 half mayas

Then I drilled the full maya flat footed and on the toes, very similar to how I drilled the half maya

Drill 2:
10 mayas flat, 10 on toes
9 mayas flat, 9 on toes
8 mayas flat, 8 on toes
7 mayas flat, 7 on toes
6 mayas flat, 6 on toes
5 mayas flat, 5 on toes
4 mayas flat, 4 on toes
3 mayas flat, 3 on toes
2 mayas flat, 2 on toes
1 mayas flat, 1 on toes

And that is the quick drill for mayas that I did today! Hope you like it!

Happy Dancing,
Olivia Kaplan